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An interview with Matthew Gray Gubler

On the behalf of Team Reid, I'd like to present to you...

Kasey: Thanks for talking to me today Matthew. Its been a real beast trying to get in touch with you.

MGG: No Problem, I've been pretty busy lately.
K: No kidding, you just finished up your Criminal Minds directoral debut. How was that?
MGG: It was a whirlwind adventure. First we scouted locations,

then the directing could begin,

and I was able to work with three of the most amazing child actors. I was surprised they let me edit it.
K: Will the episode feel completely like a "normal" Criminal Minds episode or will we be able to see the magic Gubler touch?
MGG: Well,

I'm going to keep this one close to the chest, and make all of you wait it out. You can catch the episode on March 3rd. Its called "Mosley Lane".
K: You're such a tease.

MGG: I know.
K: So, what else are you working on?
MGG: I was Magic Valley as Mok the death metal fisherman.

And Pornstar just completed. So besides those two projects and Criminal Minds, I usually juggle

K: Like we said earlier, busy man.
MGG: Yeah, I get around.
K: So Matt, can I call you Matt?
MGG: No you can call me Intern Number One or Nico if you like.

K: Seriously?
MGG: No Matt is fine. *laughs*

K: Okay Matt, so one of my team members over at Crimeland, library_of_sex wanted me to ask you how did your modeling career got started.
MGG: They found me outside of a restaurant, around the time they wanted people who looked like they were starving.

And I was found.
K: Thats really cool.
MGG: It payed the bills.Hey why did you use that picture?
K: It looks model-y?
MGG: Its not one of my model pictures though.
K: Is this better?

MGG: Oh yeah, everyone love Gubler Nipple.
K: I think your right about that. So my next question comes from my fiance Robert.
MGG: Congratulations.
K: Oh! Thank you, but anyways, he wants to know about your love life.
MGG: Ehh...
K: Too weird?
MGG: Nah, its cool. I'm just not dating. Apparently, I'm too busy to have a girlfriend.
K: That's a shame, there are plenty of girls out there who would be your girlfriend. But you do need to explain something to me..
MGG: What?
K: This

MGG: We work together as you can clearly see in the last picture, and the first two are of us at the same event!
K: But what about the third one? The Body language is speaking volumes.
MGG: I'm going to blame all these rumors about me and Paget on your Fiance.
K: No worries, I blame him for all the shit I get into.
MGG: That's horrible, but look at the time, I got to go.
K: What? No!
MGG: I've got somethings to do, people to see, places to be.

K: Aww, okay. You know I entered your Magic Shirt contest.
MGG: I'm sorry you weren't fast enough to get a shirt.

K: Me too, but at least I got an interview.
MGG: Speaking of Interviews, who runs this crimeland place?
K: kasiopia , why?
MGG: Make sure she gives you points for creativity.
K: *laughs* Okay, I will.
MGG: Its been a super cool interview, Kasey. Thanks!
K: No problem! See you on Wednesday Nights at 9 PM EST portraying the Awesomesauce Dr. Spencer Reid.

MGG: Make sure to check out my other works too!
K: Okay Will do!
MGG: Later!
K: Bye!

I'd like to thank my team and my fiance for the questions, and Matthew for the lovely interview!

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